• As the year draws to a close, it might be easy to think about where you wanted to be. You might not end up where you wanted to be, or even where you thought you were going. Yet if one thing is certain, you will end up where you need to be.

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Hey Bestie! Welcome to The Girl in Gucci Glasses, a special place where we navigate life, dating, and everything in between.

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Their “nothing to hide” ingredient list breaks skincare down so effortlessly, especially for those of us who didn’t get an “A” in Organic Chem. Ingredient transparency is imperative because we encounter enough toxins in our environment – there’s no need to willingly add more.

“In 2017 we quite literally sold everything we owned, and moved to Berlin, Germany for about 6 months. It was the BEST thing, and I highly recommend completely uprooting yourself at some point in your life.”

And while you might think her story ends with an Etsy shop, that was just beginning.

Slowly, she built her art business one step at a time.

I do not care who your fave TikTok girl boss is or what relationship advice they’re giving you, but a real love (especially a healthy one,) is not one you should fight for. If someone repeatedly does you wrong, but after some makeup sex and a pseudo-deep conversation it’s all glossed over — that’s not fighting for love. That’s just being stupid.

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A few years ago I almost lost my vision from a rare neurological condition. The experience is how my namesake came to be, but also one that inspired this blog.

The goal here was to share my story. Beyond that it was rather simple: be me.

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