Smells like Ambition & Intention

Hello, June! Ummm…May, where did you go?!

So we are now well into a new month. By now you should have set your intentions and be manifesting all the good things, right?

Okay, maybe we were a little too ambitious there.

That’s okay!

You don’t need to revamp yourself, your life, or any of that on one specific day. You can make gradual changes.

That’s the beauty in life. You don’t need to wait until New Year’s Day for a new beginning, just as you don’t need to wait for the first of a month to start improving yourself.

When you make gradual changes towards your goals, you will notice big changes happen.

And no, it might not be right now or tomorrow.

But in one year, or maybe even one month, you will look back and think to yourself, “Damn. I did THAT.”

The truth is, every day is a new beginning and the best time for that picturesque fresh start is right now.

You will never have a better moment than the present.

And sure, it’s not always comfortable treading into the unknown. But trust the process.

Trust that greater things are ahead of you than behind.

Apply this philosophy to everything in your life: your career, relationships, internal work, and so on.

Like a lotus, you realize that you can and will grow through what you go through.

Photographed by Destynie Paige in Deep Ellum, Texas. Wearing Wildbloom campaign by Spell and the Gypsy Collective.
When I look at anytime something has ended in my life, habitually, something far greater has begun shortly after.

In life, you have to swing with the punches. You can either let life happen to you or make it happen.

Fresh starts are amazing. And each day gives us just that.

Cut your hair. Block your ex. Quit the job you hate. Start your own thing. Try a new restaurant. Go back to school. Start hiking.

Do it all, babe.

Your soul will never feel free until you do what you want and let go of the past.

You don’t have to be anyone totally new and drastic when you wake up tomorrow. You just have to be yourself.

Work towards who you want to be.

Purge anyone and anything not allowing that to happen.

Besides, if not now…then when?

You’ve got this.

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