T is for Therapy

Let’s talk therapy.

It’s a difficult, almost taboo subject for many, and I can see why. You are pouring your soul out to a stranger, after all.

But can I tell you how amazing therapy has been for me?

I began therapy after some unique health conditions and continued after my health improved, just to make sure life never got the best of me.

Many of my friends were confused why I was even in therapy, to begin with.

But you’re not crazy,” they said.

Or, my personal favorite, “What problems could you have?”

I know in this over-filtered era, it’s easy to think everyone lives a pictorial life, but that’s simply not the case. 

And sure, we might not all have demons in the form of unresolved trauma. But that doesn’t mean therapy isn’t for you.

If therapy is for you, there is ZERO shame in that. Do not ever feel ashamed or like a failure for wanting the best for yourself.

Life is hard. 

Personally, the pandemic left me feeling emotionally spent last year.

And let’s not even discuss last election season.

Whether or not you realize it, your surroundings can influence your energy. And if you don’t protect your space, whether physical or mental, you begin to deteriorate. 

When spreading the word of therapy to friends, I like to use the car analogy. You see, if you see have this new car, you don’t wait until it breaks down before you take it into the shop, right?

(Hopefully, you’re thinking “right!”)

Well, your body is the same way! We go to annual checkups to make sure things are running as they should. So why would you skip a mental checkup?

Don’t wait for the car to break down during rush hour on the middle of I-35 before you get it looked at. Do that preventative maintenance, babe!

One cool thing I notated from consistent therapy sessions, was my ability to recognize and break patterns. For example, in my younger days, one might say I was drawn to narcissists. Therapy taught me why, and how to recognize the signs of narcissism in a potential partner. 

Can I tell you how much of a lifesaver that alone has been?

But finding the perfect therapist isn’t without its perils.

Much like dating, you need to kiss a few frogs.

After trying a few therapists and counselors out, I finally reached out to a dear friend who is a (double board-certified) psychiatrist. I told her how I was overcoming some neurological conditions and just wanted to have an open door for any time I felt overwhelmed or just wanted to check in and make sure all was smooth sailing.

She happily obliged and had a reference who was a former colleague of hers. 

Now while this worked for me, if you don’t have someone you can trust with providing recommendations, definitely ask your friends. Or scroll through Google and see who is top-rated in your area.

I pay out of pocket for my therapist, but you can find many great ones that are covered under your insurance plan. 

Therapy helped me realize that I needed to stop waiting and start living. 

Before therapy, I found myself always waiting. Waiting for the weekend. Waiting for Summer. Waiting for the next big thing. 

I eventually stopped waiting and started immersing myself in the now, so no more of life passed me by.

If you want healthy relationships or to feel empowered, I cannot recommend it enough.

Take care of yourself. Your health is your wealth.

All of the work you put forth into yourself today determines where you land tomorrow. 

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