30 things I wish I knew before 30: Part 1

Pop the champagne because we have some celebrating to do.

Know what we are honoring?  


We are celebrating healing, evolving, and coming into our own.

I always said by 30 I would have my shit together and that’s as true as it can be.

The truth is, no one ever really has it all together. Nevertheless, I have some lessons to share, so grab a pen:

  1. You can wear many hats and have many jobs, but making others happy should never be one.
    • The truth is: you can’t change anyone and the energy you spend into trying to make someone like/love/pay attention to you is wasted. Put that effort into something – or someone constructive. Such as yourself. 
  2. Some of the best advice I ever received was to start walking and stop standing if I didn’t know where I stood with someone. The reality is, when someone wants you in your life, you will never have to question it. You won’t have to beg for their attention or question their loyalty. And the second someone has you out in these streets doing that…leave. Baby, we did not just live through a pandemic to have some half-ass love. You deserve better.
  3. Set boundaries. I still struggle with this one, but I’ve improved drastically. When someone doesn’t respect your boundaries, they don’t respect you. Period. If you don’t ever get a lunch break and come early, stay late every day at work and never have room to breathe – speak up. If you’re dating someone who is constantly trying to test what you will or will not put up with – speak up. And if after you speak up, your boundaries are still being ignored, leave. You’re not a quitter simply because you leave something or someone that is toxic.
  4. Know the difference between treating yourself, and filling a void with things.
  5. Track your credit, never spend money you don’t have, and be okay with people thinking you have less money than you do. Keeping up appearances doesn’t pay the bills.
  6. Never go to bed angry, and tell people you love them. Life is precious.
  7. True eternal happiness is not about your house, career, degree, or financial status. It’s also not about significant others. Happiness is and was always within you. Happiness is loving yourself. Happiness is being kind to yourself. Happiness is knowing yourself. Once you have this, the rest will all come together naturally.
  8. Forgive yourself. You need to fall to learn how to walk. 
  9. Your life might not be tied together with a fancy bow, but it’s still the best gift you will ever have.
  10. Every day is special. Wear your fancy boxers or lingerie today. Light that $70 GOOP Candle. Run a warm bath and use two bath bombs, because you deserve it. Use luxe sheets – you spend most of your time working or sleeping, so sleep like the royalty you are. 

What lessons would you share with your younger self?

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