Color Outside of the Lines


This was my peak 2000’s look. Told you – loved a good logo donned polo

We have all followed them at some point in time. Hell, maybe we still follow them.

But you know what the best trend is? 

It’s not mom jeans, strappy heels, or a middle part – although all of these are noble contenders.

It’s confidence and individuality.

Let’s normalize finding your voice and letting it shine in all aspects of your life, including your wardrobe. 

Embrace your style, even if it’s peculiar.

Trends can be mundane. Everyone gets lost in this sea of people trying to “fit in” or feel “normal.” 

And trust me, I’ve done my fair share of trying to fit the mold of what brands, magazines, or peers say is “in.”

I mean…high school was logomania. I loved my 7 jeans and Abercrombie polos. I’m pretty sure one Christmas I begged for Hollister tops and hoodies because I thought they were just so fashionable.

College meant farewell to logos and popped collars, but I’m pretty sure my style could be defined as “flight attendant.” 

I was getting there. I was having fun and trying things and seeing what stuck.

Eventually, grad school came around, and I realized that much like myself, my style was complex. I had many facets and couldn’t be classified under just one aesthetic. 

I love a polished outfit from Nordy’s as much as the next gal – especially for the office.

Give me a bar cart and I’m ready to quit my day job and be a flight attendant!

But most days you will find me in a boho dress from Spell and the Gypsy, and some Golden Goose sneakers. 

Tune in below for a video on why these two eclectic brands compliment each other so well. 

Life is short. I say that incessantly. Have fun being your own person. Don’t buy that designer bag that everyone else has if you know you don’t love it and will forget about it in 4 months. 

Here are some solid fashion rules to live by as you find or perfect your style:

  • Sales are amazing. But nothing is a good deal if you can’t see yourself wearing your potential new sale piece. 
  • Invest in staple pieces like shoes, or dresses. I have Rag + Bone booties from 5 years ago that are only now needing the bottom resolved.
  • Find a great tailor. You can turn that $75 clearance pantsuit from Zara into couture simply by having it adjusted to fit your body.
  • Break the rules. Wear white after Labor Day. Mix your brands. Do what feels right. 

What fashion rules do you adhere to? 

3 responses to “Color Outside of the Lines”

  1. Sure thing! Individuality and confidence is key. Nice post.
    And you’re pretty 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to comment and compliment! Love your energy!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure thing!
        Thanks 😊


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