30 things I wish I knew before 30: Part Deux

Welcome back, babe.

I hope you’re ready for part two of thirty things I wish I knew before I was 30.

In case you need a refresher, don’t forget about part one.

If you’re up to speed, here we go. It’s time to dive into part two.

  1. No one has their shit together. I used to think once you hit a certain age that things just vibed and fell into place. But the truth is, while things will fall into place, you will never have a complete plan for life, and things will never be perfect. You simply need to be present in each moment and do the best you can with the cards you were dealt.
  2. Be positive, but do not subscribe to toxic positivity. While I believe you should find the good in each day, that does not mean put yourself on the backburner. Do not feel guilty for not feeling happy. Life happens. Feel your feels – just don’t stay in them forever.  
  3. Trust your gut when it comes to dating. You usually will know right off if the chemistry is there. I can count several occasions where I let a man convince me to go against my intuition and trust him. Guess what? My gut was right and the man was trash. 
  4. The trash man above leads me to my next point. You know how when you take the trash outside, or your valet comes and picks it up? Well, let that serve as a reminder for trash partners. When things end, let them END. Do not save their number, do not stalk their socials, do not try to see them. When you take the trash out, you don’t pick it up to see how it’s doing, do you? No! That’s how finished relationships should be. Stop stalking that ex that couldn’t treat you right. Chances are they’re not even thinking about you, sorry not sorry. And it’s currently July. That means we are in the midst of Hot Girl Summer and we aren’t letting anyone keep us pressed. Leave the trash in the Texas heat to sit in a landfill with flies attacking it.
  5. Stop being cheap. Don’t buy cheap bras, toilet paper, paper towels, or workout pants. I did the cheap toilet paper in college, and just ew. You are bound to get your finger up your asshole at least once if you get the bottom of the barrel stuff – just try me and don’t. And let’s talk about work out gear. I purchased some cute little work out pants from one of my fave retailers and guess what? They were NOT sweat proof and during group yoga everyone saw my butt print outlined in sweat. Just invest in the leggings from Lulu or get some more Nike tights.
  1. Get tested for STDs on the reg. Listen, if you’re having any kind of sexual activity, you owe it to yourself and your partners to know your status. I know it can be scary, especially if it’s your first time getting tested, but knowledge is power. And my gosh. IF you do have something, the sooner you can catch it and take necessary action, the better off you will be. You’re not a whore for taking your health seriously.
  2. People are good at heart but that doesn’t mean you need to take on another project. You are not the Home Depot. You can’t fix everyone. Don’t date someone for their potential. Don’t add someone to your friend group for their potential. Chances are once you reach a certain age, you know your downfalls and if you aren’t working on them, you’re not going to.
  3. Stop giving everyone VIP access to your life. Listen, I am the textbook definition of an open book, but not everyone needs to know your story. Put them in General Admission. Better yet, don’t even give them entry.
  4. Love your parents. Listen, they did the best they could with the tools they had available. Every day we are all learning something new, so don’t be too harsh on your mom and dad. You won’t have them forever. Make peace with any childhood grievances, and bury the hatchet. 
  5. Exercise daily. Listen, you don’t need to be the dude grunting as he sounds like he’s about to bust a nut lifting weights in the gym. Not only is he probably using poor form, but he’s not what you should think of when you visualize fitness and wellness. Some of my favorite ways to bring fitness into my daily grind:
    • Yoga when you wake up, or before you go to bed. 
    • Walks around your local trail
    • Spin

Exercising boosts endorphins while giving you a feeling of success. Let’s not even talk about how great it is for helping fight anxiety. That right there should have us all sold.

So there you have it – a few more things I wish I knew before 30. Stay tuned for the final installment!

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