Endless summer vibes

Spooky season might be creeping in right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we have to tuck our dresses away until next summer.

It’s an endless summer with these warm temps still lingering, so shop some of my fave summer dresses from H&M that are $50 or under!

Bring the sunshine wherever you go in this gorgeous linen blend dress.
Delicate ruffles and a fun floral print bring some fun to this classic white dress.
Okay guys – I might be a new fan of smocked dresses. Literally just ordered this same one in black, and white…and pink. Fabric is so soft, yet not heavy. Comes in several fun prints, as well as classic colors.
I’m clearly a fan of color and bold prints, but if you’re looking to do a similar, more toned down look – check out the linked styles.

While I love fall as much as the next person, I adore my summer dresses just as much. What about you? What’s one item you wear regardless of the season?

PS: Be sure to follow and see how I winterize my dresses in the coming months!

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