Eternal happiness cannot be found without internal work

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Today I want to talk to you about happiness and breaking down the lies we are taught growing up.

But first let me ask: what makes you happy?

What is it you want right now, and do you think that will contribute to your happiness?

We grow up and are told go for the highest paying job, biggest house, best labeled clothing, and fastest car.

And so we get those things.

But then at night when we are all alone, we ask ourselves, why don’t we feel better? Happier? Fulfilled?

The answer is simple: although we are taught differently, happiness is not accumulation.

For the longest time, I thought I would be the definition of happy because I lived in the highest of buildings, worked at the coolest of jobs and I oftentimes wore the most absurdly priced articles of clothing.

While my style still incorporates ridiculously priced pieces (like my GGDB obsession,) I find myself wearing what I want because it’s what I want.

I’m wearing what I am told will make me happy or cool. I just vibe with it. I don’t seek it out as an end all be all. I can be just as happy with the shoes, as without.

Happiness is not the car you drive, money you make or zip code you reside in.

Those are all amazing things, but they should not be the source of your happiness.

So today, I want you to figure out what drives you. What drives your happiness. Let go of everything that is not that.

Because the goalposts will never stop if you’re only after the superficial.

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