Green is the new black

Most of us won’t wear an article of clothing more than seven times before we dispose of it. After that? It’s off to a donation center, or is it?

Due to quality concerns, some of those donated items can’t be sold. Instead they are sent to be salvaged…and when they cannot be repurposed, they end up in a landfill.

Wearing the Spell Wild Bloom Midi in size Large. Photographed by Destynie Paige Photography.

So what can we do?

Y’all know I will never give you a problem without at least one solution.

The key to making big change, is to remember that ironically enough, we don’t have to make grand gestures. It’s about enough of us making small actionable changes.

That’s why today I wanted to talk about sustainable fashion, including some of my favorite environmentally friendly brands!

Wild Bohém: Based out of Miami, this women-owned small business doesn’t believe in sacrificing quality or ethics in the name of style. I love that I can find affordable, beautiful pieces in my size. Even better? The items are packaged in recycled packaging and each of the brands carried here, do their part to make the world a little more green. Check out their site and be sure to use code THEGIRLINGUCCIGLASSES to save 10% on your next order!

SPELL: If you’re a lover of boho fashion, you’ve definitely heard of this iconic brand. But did you know that in addition to dresses that give that signature #spellswish, they have a longterm commitment to sustainability? SPELL sources preferred fibers, including organic cotton. This means your items are not only designed to last, but sourced ethically. They also support fair labor practices. Although this brand has a higher price point, they have excellent sales, and you can shop knowing you’re making a green purchase.

Pictured here wearing the Jaase Leo Mini in size XL. Photographed by Vibrant Iris Creations.

To recap, here’s why you should shop sustainable brands:

Higher quality items last longer, which means less waste. Think about it, those fast fashion items aren’t made to last. The goal is to get you to come shop more with that retailer. When I think about any of my fast fashion purchases, that shit fell apart after one wash.

Fair labor matters. Think of the people making your clothing. Quality matters, not just for the products you’re buying, but also the lives of those making your garments. They deserve a better life than a crowded sweatshop.

Sustainable brands have a lower carbon footprint. This is because they use renewable energy to produce goods, dispose of waste in ethical ways, and use recycled materials.

What are some of your fave sustainable brands and companies? Comment below!

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