Let’s Get Wild

In our lifetime we have seen so much shit, to put it frankly. The ocean was on fire, bears came into cities because we tore down their woods, and let’s not forget the Amazon Rainforest burning. Oh, and then there was Flynt Michigan.

But let me calm down.

The truth is: I didn’t care or think about sustainability until the last year or so. 

If after all of those headlines, you didn’t think to yourself, “how can I make a positive change,” then there is no hope for you.

As I have said before, change doesn’t have to be some sort of grandiose act. The most effective form of change comes from enough of us giving a damn and doing something small. 

I realized people were truly the problem during quarantine. We saw videos of Mother Nature healing. Animals were out frolicking like some sort of Disney movie, bodies of water looked clear, and pollution seemed lower, even if just temporarily. 

For me, becoming more sustainable was, and continues to be a daily journey. But some of the easiest ways I started this journey included:

  • Eating less meat and dairy (y’all know how I feel about my oat milk!)
  • Using less plastic
  • Wearing sustainable clothing

I’m starting to go on a tangent, but the state of our world is one we should all care about. One simple way to care is to shop for sustainable fashion.

One of my favorite eco-friendly boutiques is Wild Bohém

I stumbled upon one of their ads and decided to purchase a Mahli strappy dress. The rest truly is history.  

So before I share some of my favorite looks from them, let me tell you why I love them:

  • Run by Edina, Wild Bohem is a small business started by a woman with a dream – and who doesn’t love that?
  • They are size inclusive and carry only the best Australian bohemian brands
  • Because their clothing is not mass-produced, my style remains unique
  • Wide price points for every budget
  • They offer carbon-neutral shipping utilizing compostable shipping bags, recycled or reused boxes

Now for the fun stuff, here are some of my favorites from Wild Bohém:

If sustainable fashion and fun, boho frocks are your jam, check out Wild Bohém, and be sure to use code THEGIRLINGUCCIGLASSES to save on your order!

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