Hello, Old Friend

There has never been a stronger love/hate relationship than mine with Tinder. Yours truly jumped back on for the 10th, and possibly final time…I mean, I’m a little too old for this shit, amiright?

Nevertheless, it was filled with familiar faces, fun app updates, and even a resourceful safety section.

Back in the day, I don’t think any of us knew dating apps would evolve into what they are now. I mean, we have Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and I’m sure I am leaving one or two off of the list because every day a new app pops up.

Although my experience on Tinder is widely different at 31 than 21, I still had some takeaways that seemed pretty consistent over the years.

I invited Jake back to the pod where we got candid about our app experiences and some of our turn-offs. We even had a moment to disagree about empty bio’s – spoiler alert: he thinks they’re great. I however think they’re lazy AF.

I mean come on, how much effort does it take to put two sentences together, right?

I didn’t stay on Tinder for long, just because I wasn’t feeling it at this point. However, I still put together your unofficial guide to swiping.

  • Dating App Safety
    • When Meeting up with someone, always tell at least 2 friends where you are going and with whom.
      • Send a picture of who you’re meeting and where you’re going.
    • Don’t click any weird links in your messages from a girl promising to show you nudes. If you do this, you almost deserve to get hacked by scammer bots.
  • Safety Between the Sheets
  • Bio Do and Don’ts
    • Be honest with what you’re after. If you want a relationship, say so. If you want something casual, say it. People can’t read minds, so save us all the time, and just say what’s on yours.
    • Express yourself and show some humor
    • Spell Check!
  • Pictures
    • 1-2 group pictures are great, but a full profile of them? Who are you and why are you hiding in a swarm of frat bro’s?
    • Enough with the heavy filters ladies and gents
    • At least one full body shot

Overall Dating Yay’s and Nay’s from the J&J team you’ve come to love:


  • Jasmine: Trust your gut. If someone is giving you bad vibes or pressuring you about anything – exit the situation whether it be virtual or in real life. You do not owe anyone A N Y T H I N G.
  • Jake: Don’t expect everyone to be on the same page as you. Sometimes dating is about getting to the same page together.


  • Jasmine: I know everyone loves food for first dates, but let’s normalize doing activities together. I went to a concert for a first date and although we didn’t like each other romantically, we became solid friends which is still a win in my book.
  • Jake: Do be willing to go outside of your comfort zone, some of the most beautiful things happen when we least expect it

So there you have it! What are some of your dating app takeaways? Catch our episode below, and be sure to subscribe to the pod wherever you get your podcasts, including, Apple and Spotify.

Follow Jasmine and Jake on our new Twitter accounts for more advice, sass and laughs!

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