The truth about living life Golden

Can we take a moment to talk about how I hated sneakers once I moved past the Britney Spears x SKECHERS era? After that, it was wedges and ballet flats for me. 

Especially Tory Burch ballet flats – those things had a chokehold on my wardrobe. 

Yet once I hit adulthood, I quickly outgrew my ballet flat phase and discovered I couldn’t be in heels all the time. 

One day while strolling through a Nordy’s, I discovered an appealing pair of sneakers called Golden Goose. I loved the custom hand distressing and fun mixing of patterns and colors. 

And while the price tag can be hefty, I’m going to break down why you should own at least one pair, and where to find them for the best deals. 

So let’s start with some basics and take an honest look at Golden Goose Deluxe Brand.


Offered in European sizes, and utilizing the best Italian leather, Golden’s overall run true to size. If you are between sizes, I would size down, as these shoes will mold to your feet after you break them in.

Sizing down is especially recommended for Hi-Stars which I find to run slightly on the larger size.

The process of breaking your shoes in takes a handful of wears for most, though for me, I have noticed my Super-Stars break in almost instantly.

Only one pair of Super-Stars blistered my feet, but to be fair, I took them on a 5-mile walk.

To expedite the break-in process, wear a pair of thick socks, and run a hairdryer over your shoes…this will help stretch them out!


Goldens come in a variety of styles, as outlined below:

My personal favorites that I wear daily are my Super-Stars. I also own the Hi Star and Purestar styles. 


Because Golden’s are for the free-spirited creative, you can wear these as you see fit. Sometimes I pair mine with a short Spell dress, other times I pair them with jeans, a mock neck, and a blazer. It simply depends on my vibe for the day.

Although my funky Golden’s are my fave, I find myself wearing the more low-key pairs quite often, especially in the office.


You can find Golden’s at popular retailers like Nordstrom, Revolve, Intermix, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and of course their flagship stores. 

If you choose to purchase a pair from Nordstrom, maximize your dollar, by using their rewards program. If you’re a cardholder, opt for a triple point day – this way you are guaranteed to get a Nordstrom Note (or three) back.

If you’re looking for a deal, however, you should keep an eye out on GILT, as they tend to have current season items and for a decent percentage off (usually 20%). 

I also recommend following one of my fave Nordstrom SA’s on IG, Queen of Nordstrom. She is a gem and truly finds the best pairs, including styles that you thought sold out. And on occasion, she finds insane deals on Golden’s.

Sneaker Lab

If you’re looking to add even more spice to your Golden’s, I recommend doing the sneaker lab at least once. During the experience, you work with an artist from the Golden Goose lab and get to make your sneakers even more special. I did mine at the SFO Flagship store, and the experience was rad.


If you’re looking to be among other like-minded fashionistas from around the globe, there is an entire community of Golden Goose enthusiasts on social. These groups are a great place to hear about outlet styles, buy from friends, and plan your next GGDB themed OOTD.

I recommend joining Golden Goose Gang and Golden Goose Deluxe brand BST.

To close things out, if you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that won’t show their age and have styles ranging from your inner rockstar – this is the brand for you. The cost can be steep, but when you break down the cost per wear, it’s totally worth it. Your sneakers should be anything but boring. 

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