Say “No” to Relationship Hoppers

While I won’t fully rule out dating someone who is divorced, or recently out of a long-term relationship, I will forever rule out dating a recent divorcée or dumpee.

Pretty sure dumpee isn’t a word, but that’s okay. There are no rules here.

So why am I adamantly against freshly single partners?

Simple: Relationship hopping means no time to process and heal.

To put it lightly, if you’re a healthy individual that just broke up with someone, or got dumped – what do you do? You don’t rush into something new because you’re still processing what happened. Even if it was mutual or if you initiated things ending, you’re kind of in a state of mourning. 

So it should be a colossal red flag if someone is fresh out of a long-term marriage or relationship and is looking to date because quite frankly, they’re not emotionally available.

You might find out the hard way that a newly single partner is not wanting a relationship, but rather, a rebound with the girlfriend or wife experience. He doesn’t want to truly commit again, but he wants to wake up next to someone, be catered to, and feel desired.

Best Practices for Dating a Newly Single Person:

  • Confirm your divorcée is legally divorced and not simply separated
  • If he is arguing with his ex on a daily basis – leave
  • Should he be complaining about his ex, run – don’t walk, sis

At the end of the day, lead with love – but don’t be dumb.

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