The Perfect Pout

I know I like to splurge on well, quite a few things. But the one thing I think we should all invest in?

Quality lipstick.


There’s nothing worse than something that dries your lips, smears, or simply doesn’t last.

That’s why we are going to take a moment to praise one of my favorite items to gift (or get): YSL Lipstick.

More specifically, their Zoë Kravitz collabs.

The packaging alone gets me.

I mean, have y’all seen this seasons silver glitter mix?

A dream.

So what makes this pricy fave so necessary?

From an advertising angle, let’s use my favorite buzzwords: Limited Edition.

This Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick collection was artfully curated by the gorgeous Zoë Kravitz, and is available only for a select time. So that means, don’t think too long about if you need to make the purchase because then you might miss out.

And listen, if you make the purchase and somehow aren’t in love, you can always do a fast and free return with Nordstrom.

In fact, Nordstrom is where I make all of my beauty purchases. I started exclusively as a Dior fan, but my friend and Nordstrom Sales Queen, Eva has gotten me to branch out and try pretty much everything. In our 5+ years of shopping together, she has yet to recommend anything I didn’t love.

Nordstrom also has many perks for cardholders, including random extra point days for beauty purchases. So you get the most bang for your buck.

But back to why you need a YSL lippie in your life:

The new collab features even more exhilarating, rich, and moisturizing lipsticks with a sleek, satin finish.

If you’re shopping the Zoë collab, something worth noting is that the shades of Rouge Pur Couture were influenced by the cities that molded Zoë, from her memories growing up in LA to filming in London as an adult.

Every shade is highly pigmented and effortlessly melts on your lips for a flawless, full coverage look.

Nordstrom Beauty Expert Eva recommends always using a lip liner to outline lips for fuller lip and a more pronounced definition.

The lipsticks are under $40, and typically can be found for $38, although I found mine on sale for $32 at Nordstrom.

Fun fact: Nordstrom offers complimentary lipstick engraving for your new YSL lipsticks!

Shop some of my favorite shades linked here!

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