Owning & Living Your Truth

If I could tell 21-year-old me what 31-year-old me knows, it would be to embrace your journey. Never feel ashamed of any part of your life. Your story is just that: yours.

We aren’t all meant to walk the same path, and that’s okay.

And somehow, we are where we need to be.

The universe (and God) are funny in that way.

As I have grown and matured, I have learned that part of living your truth means being vulnerable.

You won’t always win, and shit won’t always work out. But that’s life. You won’t have any regrets.

And isn’t that how we should all live life?

Listen, living your truth won’t always be iced coffee and trips to cute boutiques. It will be messy, and things will blow up in your face. That’s okay!

Live consciously and free. Liberate yourself from the shackles of societal pressures and expectations.

Feel everything. Lean into that. It will hurt sometimes, but you know what hurts more? Bottling things up, and said feelings attacking you randomly one day on your drive to work.

Be purposeful with your life. Do everything because it is what you want to do. Live with intention.

Above all else: embrace who you are.

Be weird.

Be bold.


Stop following trends. Make your own damn trends! Be okay with being uncomfortable and in a new environment – it’s how you grow.

There are no rules in this life, and our time is limited, so go after EVERY last thing you want. But at the same time, embrace the present moment. Don’t get lost in the chase of seeking the next big thing. Love and appreciate where you are at every moment.

Listen here babe: not everyone will like you. People will talk shit. But you know what? Small minds discuss people. Great minds discuss ideas. Whoever said that was right on the money.

Don’t seek validation. Do you and be you. The right people will always love you for it.

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