Tampa has never looked better

Following the heels of a bland Season 4 of Selling Sunset, Veteran producer Adam DiVello (Selling Sunset, The Hills, Laguna Beach) is back with another banger: Selling Tampa.

Netflix knew what they were doing when they created Selling Sunset, setting up what would soon become a Selling franchise.

Not to sound lame, but what I loved about Selling Tampa was that it was the right amount of soapy and inspiring. 

I mean, think about it. Allure Realty founder and lead agent, Sharelle Rosado worked her ass off to create something remarkable: a female-owned (and led) luxury brokerage where she hired all BIPOC women. 

And while this is a reality show and as expected, there’s drama – most of it revolves around valid points of concern, especially for a growing business:

  • Commission structures changing
  • Not hitting your sales goals
  • Failing to take accountability

There’s no arguing about men, or to put it frankly: dumb shit. 

This might be an unpopular opinion, but Rosado was my favorite. She meant business, didn’t sugar coat anything, and knew how to pick top talent. Even with the scene with Alexis, Rosado seemed to genuinely want her to do better because she knew she was fully capable. 

And don’t even get me started on Rena Frazier.

In addition to selling million-dollar properties, Frazier has both an engineering and a law degree.


I have a MA in Strategic Communication, professional experience on global ad accounts, run a podcast, and volunteer, and I still felt lazy when learning of her accomplishments.


If you’re looking for binge-worthy content this Christmas break, give Selling Tampa a try.

And keep your eyes peeled for new content from DiVello. According to reports by Variety, Selling the OC is coming soon…and while we love to hear it, there better be plans for a season 2 of Selling Tampa!

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