Don’t Quit Your Daydream ft. Artist Ruth Weatherford

How many of us sit under some dull fluorescent lighting in an office thinking about how much better life would be if we just left to do our own thing?

Way too many, I’m sure.

Today on the pod I was joined by Dallas Artist Ruth Weatherford, who did just that. 

Like all creatives, she knew there was more out there for her, so in 2014 she quit her job, went back to school, and then opened an Etsy shop.

When asked about the process, she nonchalantly offers this nugget of wisdom and just, total fierceness: “In 2017 we quite literally sold everything we owned, and moved to Berlin, Germany for about 6 months. It was the BEST thing, and I highly recommend completely uprooting yourself at some point in your life.”

And while you might think her story ends with an Etsy shop, that was just beginning.

Slowly, she built her art business one step at a time.

“In 2020 I shifted my business, stepped back from painting small scale, and decided I wanted to focus on very large murals. It’s so important to stay open to change and pivoting!”

Ruth Weatherford

If you were to ask her what style is truly her vibe she would tell you watercolor. And the cool thing about a Ruth Weatherford original? It’s not just some boring watercolor on canvas. 

No way.

Utilizing topographic lines and other fun tools, Ruth has found a way to make watercolor fresh, bold, and totally original.

Watercolor paint is her favored medium, but give her anything that she can “make” behave/look like it is also her jam. 

Did you know that recently she used instant coffee on a piece? Not only did it look out of this world, but it smelled extraordinary. 

Move over pink resume from Legally Blonde. 

Ruth is an artist that puts so much love into every piece, and if you’re looking for something to revitalize your space, I encourage you to follow more of Artist Ruth Weatherford on Insta and on the web!

Don’t forget to check out today’s episode on the pod!

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