Midweek Reminders

A couple of reminders to guide you through the remainder of the week (and life):

  • Set boundaries: whether personal or professional, you need boundaries. Don’t be so available for others. Save some availability for yourself. There’s not a job or person on this earth that is worth your sanity.
  • Breathe: things get crazy, and no matter how together you think you are…sometimes when it rains, it pours. And that’s okay. It’s life and it happens to the best of us. Take a deep breath and remember that tough times never last forever, but tough people most certainly do.
  • Love: love the beautiful and quirky parts of yourself that others tell you are too weird or different. The coolest (and most innovative) people in this world always colored outside the lines.

And above all else, if no one else has told you, know that you are loved and belong in this world.

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