Shoot Your Shot

It’s no secret I gravitate towards people who are authentic, hard-working, and into chasing their dreams. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you guys to Destynie Paige. 

I recently had Destynie on the pod, and she is just too great of a human to not brag about.

Five years ago, Destynie realized that working for someone else was unfulfilling. The 9-5 thing wasn’t feeding her soul, so she found something she was passionate about (photography) and made a living out of it. 

Although she loves photographing people, if you were to ask her about her favorite subject to photograph, it would be dogs – and who can blame her?! 

For more on quitting your day job – not your daydream, check out the Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses podcast. But to summarize things in the simplest form, Destynie preaches finding your niche and pursuing it. Never giving up.

A simple, but crucial reminder we could all use. 

Find more of Destynie here:

Web: &


IG: &

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