Crazy about Kombucha

In my quest to scale back on my caffeine intake, I have substituted one addiction for another: kombucha.

But the awesome thing about kombucha is that as niche and cool as it is, there are some health perks to consuming it.

This fermented drink is offered in a plethora of flavors and strengths. My favorite flavor is lemon, but I also love the strawberry glow.

Advantages to drinking this fizzy fan fave include:

  • Promoting a clean gut and aiding in the digestion process
  • Improved immunity
  • A natural probiotic

Consuming the sparkling beverage can reduce inflammation in the body, and its antioxidant-rich goodness can even lower blood pressure.

If you’ve made it this far and wondering why I dedicated an entire blog post to kombucha – it’s because it’s just that good.

So what are you waiting for? Channel your inner goddess, and go frolic in a field drinking some kombucha while you read a good book. If that sounds like you’re vibe, click here.

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