While We Were Young

Good morning to all finding themselves in West Village!

I feel compelled to let you in on a secret: While We Were Young is the underrated vibe-y spot you need to add to your weekly brunch list. And if you’re not a resident New Yorker, then you simply must add this airy restaurant to your NYC travel itinerary.

Each time I find myself on this side of town, I either do brunch or dinner here. I always try to venture out, but sometimes you need that classic spot that feels like home.

While the location is small, you hardly notice once you get seated and settled in. You truly feel like you’re in a world all on your own.

The menu features their Prixe Fix two course meals offered for both brunch, and dinner. The pricing is competitive, considering the amount of food you’re presented with, in addition to how beautiful each item is upon being plated.

If you’re one for a good cocktail, you are in luck because WOW. These drinks are truly a work of art. My go to is the Coffee in the Morning which is basically caffeinated alcohol…which is just what the doctor ordered after a long ass day of adulting.

Reservations are encouraged for brunch and dinner.

Before I close out this post, I want to give appreciation the the neon sign on the wall which reads: We were together. I forget the rest.

As a forever lit nerd, this makes my heart skip a beat each time I see it.

The quote is a nod to Walt Whitman’s poem Once I Pass’d Through a Populous City which reads:

ONCE I pass’d through a populous city, imprinting my brain, for future use, with its shows, architecture, customs, and traditions; Yet now, of all that city, I remember only a woman I casually met there, who detain’d me for love of me; Day by day and night by night we were together,— All else has long been forgotten by me; I remember, I say, only that woman who passionately clung to me; Again we wander — we love — we separate again; Again she holds me by the hand — I must not go! I see her close beside me, with silent lips, sad and tremulous.

Walt Whitman

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