About last night

Last night I did something crazy. Wild even.

I went to bed without any noise. Just the sounds of mother nature and cars passing by.

Anyone who knows me knows that at home I always fall asleep to something. 


It could be a documentary in another language, a live reenactment of The Nutcracker, or even old-school Family Guy episodes – the point is, it’s something

But last night was different.

While living life unplugged-ish here in Seattle (blog post otw, guys,) I wanted to embrace what I came here for: reconnecting. 

Reconnecting with myself, and with nature.

I didn’t want to stress about deadlines, the economy, the world’s problems, or even my problems. I just wanted a moment to breathe.

I know that statement reeks of privilege, but come on. Sometimes we need to step back – for our own mental health. And I did just that. Because honestly, I never do. 

Back to the point at hand: I slept with no television last night, and shocker: I actually slept great. Sure, that seems like common sense, but for me, I didn’t like the silence because my mind could never silence itself.

Sleeping with television has a detrimental impact on your health:

  • Interruption of melatonin production
  • Weight gain 
  • Increase of cortisol levels

And while it was challenging, it proved to be easier than I imagined, and I woke up the next morning, oddly refreshed. 

10/10 recommend. 

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