Here’s why you should try the Tourist Traps at least ONCE

Whether it’s New York City’s Time Square or Seattle’s Pike Place Market, somewhere along the way, I began to think I was “too cool” for these spots as they were high tourist areas.

I’ve been to Washington, New York, and countless other states numerous times and never had done any of the local tourist traps.

Somehow I was priding myself on that.

And why?

Because I thought it looked stupid to go somewhere that the masses enjoyed?

Well, that’s dumb.

And here’s why: no one cares.


Go to the fish throw at Pike Place, or don’t.

Walk down Times Square with girlfriends after cocktails at Magic Hour and then take pictures with the life size movie characters. Or don’t.

Seriously though: happy hour at Magic Hour Times Square is a total vibe.

You see, when we neglect ourselves of experiences out of fear what others might think, no one besides us loses in that scenario.

Sometimes these tourist traps are great for a one time memory. Other times, you go for the landmark, but stay for the mom and pop spot you discover right next door.

There’s a great big world of adventure out there. don’t let fear or embarrassment stop you from exploring.


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