Seattle Reflections

As my time in Seattle comes to an end, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting. For some reason even though I know I can reflect and take time for myself at home, it feels much better when I am sitting in a grassy forest, surrounded by trees as tall as the clouds and next to a beautiful open body of water.

Everything just feels right.

So here’s what’s been on my mind.

In this life, each and every single experience — good and not so good, will get you where you are meant to be.

With each win, loss and mistake there is a lesson to be learned.

Don’t be so scared to mess up.

Get your hands dirty. But on the flip side, don’t expect “to make it” overnight. The best things take time. The struggle isn’t easy, but that’s why it’s a struggle. We all go through them. Go and grow through yours, because it will only make you stronger.

Travel incessantly.

Work on yourself.

Find yourself. And then get lost, and reinvent yourself.

But in the meantime, show yourself love, compassion and grace.

It doesn’t all have to happen right now. Because the point is, that it will happen. Your time is coming.

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