Anxiety, You Ass

Managing anxiety isn’t easy. If it were, we’d all feel 100% comfortable in our own skin on the regular. Anxiety is an emotional response that’s due to external and internal stresses. 

The end result? Total discomfort.

Anxiety can affect us physically, mentally, and cognitively. The good news is there are many things you can do to control your anxiety: 

  • Therapy
  • Journaling
  • Distancing yourself from triggers
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Exercise 
  • Therapy

I never thought of myself as the type to have anxiety but there were two life moments that created a significant amount of stress in my life:

  1. The Pandemic, because DUH
  2. Almost going blind from a rare neurological disorder 

Ultimately, both situations involved taking a step back and realizing I cannot control everything. As much as I would love to live a life free of struggles and mishaps – it’s simply not possible.

So as we chug along on this ride of life, it’s crucial to not sweat the shit you can’t control.

Anxiety is like a virus. It sneaks up on you and infects you when you’re not paying attention. After a certain amount of time, it just becomes part of you. 

Once the effects of anxiety take hold, it can be hard to shake them off. The best thing you can do? Face your anxiety head-on, and try to work through it. 

When managing anxiety, there is a lot of value in small steps. It’s imperative to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself.

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