Who doesn’t love a SALE

Going green is such a popular marketing slogan, but what does it mean? And how can we be more sustainable?

For me becoming more sustainable was, and continues to be a daily journey.

But some of the easiest ways I partake include:

  • Eating less meat and dairy (y’all know how I feel about my oat and almond milk!)
  • Using less plastic
  • Wearing sustainably sourced clothes

So let’s chat about one of my favorite eco-friendly boutiques: Wild Bohém!

I stumbled upon one of their ads and decided to purchase a strappy dress. The rest truly is history.

But what’s crazy is we actually knew a lot of the same friends! So how I didn’t find her sooner was crazy…

I know I brag on this boutique all the time, seriously…but it felt like a good time to highlight them, especially since they’re having a HUGE #endofsummersale! And who doesn’t love a SALE?!

So before you click add to cart, let’s chat!

So let’s discuss why they’re great:

  • Run by Edina, Wild Bohem is a small business started by a woman with a dream – and who doesn’t love that?
  • They are size inclusive and carry only the best bohemian brands
  • Because they carry brands focused on slow fashion, the clothing is not mass-produced, my style remains unique
  • Wide price points for every budget
  • They offer carbon-neutral shipping utilizing compostable shipping bags, recycled or reused boxes

Wild Bohém has a bunch of your fave boho brands, including:

  • Nine Lives Bazaar
  • Arnhem
  • House of Skye
  • Bliss Boheme
  • Mahli the Label

And don’t forget to use code THEGIRLINGUCCIGLASSES to save 10% on your order!

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