Toss the Tacky Tee

If you are one for traveling, chances are high that you like to collect not only memories – but memorabilia. Once upon a time, I used to grab those tourist tees you pick up in new cities. I never truly liked most of them, and as much as I wanted to make a tee-shirt quilt, I simply wasn’t crafty enough.

Post covid once I began traveling once more – I stopped getting the $30 tacky tees and opted for a different alternative: patches.

Over the years I had collected patches from my travels and had never done anything with them. Nor did I think to do anything with them.

Maybe as a former Girl Scout, I just like patches.

So while I had these patches without a plan, it was as if the universe had a plan for me…as it always does.

In December my Spell Sister, Erika got me a GORGEOUS patch from a swanky local spot…I need to find out where again so I can share with y’all.

I took the patch with a Free People jacket to the amazing tailors at J’s Tailors. I worked with Grace, as I usually do. And I gave her full creative control to put the patch wherever. I just didn’t want the patch to never see the light of day as it was too stunning. Once the jacket was ready, I wore it once and then tucked it away in the closet.

To make a long story short, when cleaning my apartment I found my patch stash. I texted Grace and said could I add them to the jacket…and from there it became an ongoing project. I didn’t want to do this initially as I was so OCD about placement. But when I gave control over Grace, my jacket truly came to life.

So how did it work?

  • I purchased a cute washed-out pink jacket from free people, not having a need or use for it, but I like it
  • My friend gave me a gorgeous patch which started my idea to add patches to my jacket
  • I took my jacket and patches to the tailor to be sewn on
  • Anytime I go somewhere cool, I buy a new patch

I think fashion is all about having fun, but it’s even cooler when you can combine that with anything that has meaning for you.

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