Knot so Ordinary

As crazy as social media can be, it can also be one of the most magical tools at our disposal. 

Through the powers of social media, I have made new friendships, started relationships, and even discovered rad businesses that I otherwise might not have.

So today I want to talk to you about my latest and greatest social media find:  Meg’s Modern Macrame.

I found Meg through Instagram, and you could literally feel her energy through her posts and messages.

As cliche as it sounds, I like to spend money with people that are just chasing their dreams and doing what feels good. And honestly, we became friends instantly. She is such a burst of fresh air.

Originally started as CuzMegsCreations, Megan Raleigh is a self-taught crafter who found a way to turn her passion into a business. 

When asked how Meg’s Modern Macrame came to fruition, Raleigh says:

I’ve always been a crafty girl and started getting into painting in college. During the pandemic I started crafting some items for myself and my friends that were of practical use for essential oils. Everyone started wanting them and my business took off! I started as CuzMegsCreations but narrowed down my niche to macrame when I started learning and mastering the skill! I am completely self taught and have been running with it for 2 years now! Almost at 34k followers on Instagram and hoping to continue to grow everyday! 

Meg Raleigh, Meg’s Modern Macrame

If you are looking for a sign to chase your dreams – this is it. And if you’re just looking for something fun to get yourself, or for the friends in your life, try a handmade keychain or bookmark. Sure, you could go to a big box store and find something – but why not shop small, support a local crafter, and give a gift that’s actually unique?

And before I end this post, let me share some items I am loving from Meg’s shop.

Okay, I lied…before I go, how about an exclusive discount?!

Save 30% on your Etsy order at Meg’s Modern Macrame with code GUCCI

2 responses to “Knot so Ordinary”

  1. Sooo adorable! I will definitely be placing an order 😍

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    1. LOVE that! I am literally OBSESSED with Meg’s Modern Macrame. I have so many keychains and now just purchase more as gifts to give with Poshmark orders, or to friends. She is such a gem and there’s nothing better than supporting a small business!

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