Who said good skincare had to be expensive?

If you were to ask younger me about my skincare routine, I would have told you I didn’t have one. I was fortunate to have relatively simple skin with no blemishes, or concerns.

After college that changed. I worked for a laser company and became more enthralled with aesthetics and more specifically: preventative measures.

I began using lavish, trendy creams until I found out most of those were made in the same labs as their more cost effective department store alternatives.

I mean seriously, who said good skincare had to be expensive?

Eventually, I did more research and started trying out brands that had strong followings, alongside a competitively priced product line. And soon I stumbled upon: Good Molecules.

Right out the gate, I liked that they had product transparency and there were no guesses about what was going on your face.

Each product is carefully made and backed by science, so I knew I in good hands.

Their competitive price points meant you could take time to try a little bit of everything and see what combination(s) worked best for you.

After running out of most of my products, I recently started using Good Molecules. I waited about a month before making this post, because I wanted to write truthfully.

You can purchase Good Molecules at Ulta Beauty or from the convenience of your phone right here via LTK.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for some of my favorite Good Molecules layering combinations, including one for discoloration.

2 thoughts on “Who said good skincare had to be expensive?

  1. I’ve wanted to try Good Molecules for a while and I think you’ve sold me lol! Honestly right now I have zero skin care routine, and my skin doesn’t look bad. But I know I need to do something – just laziness or not prioritizing myself I guess. I used to be really into skin care. Time for me to get back into it and take preventative measures now that I’ll be 30 this year!

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    1. Oh my gosh, congrats on turning 30! I turned 30 in the pandemic during lockdown so that was not fun, ha! But that is such an amazing year, literally, everything continues falling into place and you just feel a new era of magic! As for Good Molecules, I am obsessed with the fact they are clean, affordable, and actually work. Their Discoloration Serum is so so good and lines up close to SkinCeuticals which is like triple the price. So I would say Good Molecules is worth a try! It’s so hard to pick a favorite but I like their low-dose retinol which works well and helps my skin look as youthful as it can for 31!


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