The FRAME denim obsession continues

It should come as no surprise that I have a slight obsession with FRAME denim.

As mentioned previously, I saw an advertisement boasting about their Le One Skinny which comes in only two sizes yet can be worn by nearly everyone.

I was in utter disbelief, and purchased a pair thinking it was a gimmick.

A gimmick it was NOT.

I was able to slide into the size 2 and move with ease.

The fabric was soft, yet sturdy enough to not stretch out and give you a saggy ass by afternoon.

After purchasing that one pair, in true Jasmine style, I purchased 3 other styles in their sample sale.

The ones I loved the most from this order were the Le High Ankle Skinny — a forgiving high rise…perfect for my curvy girls!

I found these true to size, and easy to style with crop tops which I normally don’t wear with jeans – only maxi skirts.

The length was perfect and didn’t require tailoring.

If you don’t want to purchase full price, I recommend subscribing to FRAME’s emails as they do phenomenal sales. Nordstrom is another place where you can find a reasonably priced pair.

Shop my FRAME faves right here.

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