Keeping it Casual with TGIGG

Your ears might be a little lonely, and I get it. It’s been a little bit since our last episode.

And the rationale is truly as simple as this: life.

Or maybe it’s a little more complicated than that?

Yours truly has been living life and working through all that comes with it. Emphasis on the working part.

Between volunteering again, managing a social calendar, the occasional freelance project, my career, and practicing self care…it’s been a lot.

Additionally, while I am proud of every episode, this sophomore season was one I wanted to do with thought and ensure each episode was one I could look back and feel proud of.

And I am.

But I wanted to end the year strong. So I took a few months off to strategize, live life, and plan content.

Upcoming episodes will range from the below categories:

  • Health
  • Sex, Love + Dating in the digital age
  • Pop Culture

If you ever have a question you would like to leave, you can do that here for the chance to possibly be featured.

I am excited for what’s to come. And I hope you will subscribe and join me on this journey.

Subscribe on Apple, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.


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