Bodycount & First-Date Hookups

This week on the podcast, listeners chose the topics, which led us to discuss body count and first date hookups. So this Sexual health month, join me as we break it down, and discuss if either of these things matters. 

Growing up Catholic, I was raised to believe that my body is a temple and sex should be saved for someone special.

While I still feel basically the same way, albeit a little less preachy…it has more to do with my own choice and less to do with one that was engrained into me. To put it simply, not everyone deserves me or my energy, let alone my body.

I think societal norms and standards are great at face value, but I also believe in free thinking and arriving to a conclusion on your own accord.

That said, it’s not to say there is anything wrong with elevated body counts or first-date hookups. Hell, your best relationships can stem from a seemingly innocent first-date hookup (although, let me preface this with the fact that this is not the norm.)

And so can some of your worst relationships, as well.

The real questions we need to be asking our partners are super simple:

  • When was your last STI screening?
  • Do you currently have an STI?
  • What do you enjoy?

Ultimately, I subscribe to the philosophy of doing what (and who) you enjoy, so long as it harms no one, and is done properly (safe sex, or no sex).

Judging someone based upon their partners is obtuse, and quite frankly, is a practice put into place by men who likely are insecure. And the thing is, we have all met a man like that at some point. They’re only scared that if a woman has one too many partners, she will realize he is mediocre in all facets of life, including the bedroom.

Catch the full episode wherever you get your pod, out now.


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