From Hinge to Happily Ever After

This week on the pod I was joined by Sam who breaks down how she found love on Hinge, and ultimately, her happily ever after. The best part of this modern-day fairytale? It happened exactly as it should: naturally and when least expected.

So what are her tips and how did she do it? Well, for the full breakdown, you will have to catch the full episode wherever you get your podcast including Spotify and Apple. But let’s go through a brief overview:

Bio Tips

  • Write out a full profile
  • Provide specific answers. Don’t just say you like “chilling.”
  • Stop putting only selfies up – showcasing you doing things you love
  • Have a photo or two with friends
  • Interesting bios get the right swipe, always. Be you. The right ones will rock with it.

“Love isn’t having butterflies all the time, I think love is calm. Love is comfortable. I could sit in silence with her for the rest of our lives and it would mean more than a thousand words with anyone else.”

– Sam L.

This week’s episode was a great reminder. Let life happen naturally. Hope y’all enjoy it!


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