Why you need to have a routine

Today is National Mental Health Day, and as many of you know, this is a subject I am SO incredibly passionate about. Mental Health is often stigmatized, overlooked, and not thought of until a time of crisis. Today I wanted to have a candid conversation about something that has helped me on my path to optimal physical and mental wellness: routines.

Having a routine is a simple way to take (some) stress out of your life and even enhance your health. From paying bills to answering work emails, we have so many tasks floating through our minds at any given moment, so it’s only natural that it can be hard to keep up. That’s where routines come in handy.

I have several routines that get me through the day, and sometimes they can change. But when I look at my consistent routines they all center around wellness in some fashion. My top 3 include:


I try to eat as balanced of a diet as much as the next girl, but sometimes you need a little extra something in your routine. Supplements are my favorite addition to my morning routine, and I take mine right alongside my breakfast. While supplements can vary from person to person, my personal favorite is hers Mood Mental Health Probiotic

For me, this was and continues to be a GAME CHANGER. Unlike most probiotics, this one helped with my gut and mental health. The addition of L-Theanine and Ashwagandha was remarkable and actually saved me from having 101 other supplements to take. As someone with PCOS and high cortisol, I have found that L-Theanine especially was great at keeping me calm, but not tired or sluggish. The icing on the cake was the addition of B and D Vitamins. As someone who once battled low Vitamin D, I can tell you from experience how low Vitamin D will have you feeling depressed and gloomy. 


If you ask most people their thoughts on exercise, they will huff and puff and tell you how it’s the worst part of the day. And I get it. I was right there, too. And while I’m no Olympian, I am a girl who enjoys her 30 minutes to an hour of exercise most days. For me, the movement has to be fun. This can be a walk or jog on the trail, or a race on the Peloton with my girlfriends. When you make the daunting things fun, they are easier to integrate into your routine.


This is a big one. For me, being mindful is more than just meditating – that’s only half of the equation. Mindfulness also means being cognizant of your behaviors. This can be as simple as being mindful of what you choose to eat on those busy days when grabbing lunch has to be quick. Sure, french fries are rad – and definitely treat yourself on occasion, but if I have a busy day and don’t want to feel bogged down, I’m headed to Cava or Sweet Greens for something light, and refreshing. 

And of course, at its core, mindfulness means taking time to be still. The pandemic was so rough for me in the initial phases because at the time I was single and lived alone. I am a social butterfly, so being alone with my own thoughts was scary. But soon, I found my groove. I practiced Yoga, read more books, and journaled. My favorite form of journaling, however, came in the form of my gratitude journal. I found myself happier when writing down what I was grateful for at least three times a week. 

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