Life under construction

Do you ever think about social media and just the general shift in culture over the last few years? This isn’t going to be a post blaming social media for anything. But it’s a post where I want to remind you of something: you’re doing great.

Embrace the moment.

Don’t feel ashamed of your setbacks or struggles.

You don’t just wake up one day a complete success story. It takes time. Not everything is instant.

Sometimes I look at my life compared to my siblings. Social media was never the beast it is now when I was growing up. But for my brother, his generation basically came out of the womb with an iPhone in hand, and the ability to make a killer meme.

Even if we don’t realize it, sometimes social media and even the messages in our marketing can make us antsy and impatient. Even ashamed.

Very few creators will show their struggles or life behind the curtain.

We end up wanting to grow up and be in places before our time. Think about it. Kids don’t really have awkward phases anymore. Recent grads are wanting to skip the line and be a jet setter before their first day of corporate work. And I get it — working for the man can suck sometimes. But everything truly happens in life on its own timeline. We can’t rush things. I repeat: we cannot rush.

I’m not innocent of wanting the world before working for it. I was always chasing that next thing. But in that process of chasing, I missed out on some remarkable moments. I probably didn’t pull my weight in some friendships. I definitely gave up on relationships that had potential. And I just didn’t enjoy the moment. I was ready for my idealized dream life, before my mid twenties.

Wherever you’re at in life, try not to treat it as a transitional phase. Put a pause on spending your college years anticipating graduation and that dream job. Go to that party. Join a club. Stay up late.

Avoid spending your single years wanting to be in love with someone. Unless that someone is you.

If and when the things you want come, they will come in due time. And trust that they will be so amazing.

But let me again tell you from experience: there is nothing worse than looking back and feeling sad or empty because you wasted actual years ignoring and taking for granted what you had because you were chasing and wanting something better.

Continue to better yourself and hit those goals, but babe. Please don’t neglect the present moment. And don’t worry if your life isn’t matching up to some filtered aesthetic. You’re the only person that has to live it and feel proud.

You’re not a failure for not hitting someone else’s goals or aligning to someone on instagram’s same life milestones. Go through the stages of life and embrace it.

All the right things are going to happen. And life is going to be even more magical than you imagined.

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