This is your sign to make a vision board

You know the drill.

I don’t do resolutions.

Truthfully, I actually despise the marketing behind New Year’s resolutions and so forth.

Which means I am a part of the few that loved what Equinox did with their “We Don’t Speak January” campaign.

That said, I’m a firm believer in intentions and goals.

Of course, I also do love a good arts and crafts project too.

So getting to combine those things is exactly what I did this month at my vision board party.

I invited a small group of friends over and we vibed, and made collages of what we wanted to see in the year ahead, and ultimately: from ourselves.

By making a vision board you set clear goals of what you’re hoping to see happen with your life.

There are no rules to this, and that means there are no right or wrong ways to make a vision board.

Simply grab a poster board, and glue down your fave inspirational quotes, and images that represent where you see (or hope to see) yourself.

My vision board for the year was about leaning in, experiencing pure love, saving money, and most importantly: being present.

Once I finished my board, I hung it in my bedroom and it not only looks rad, but is a daily reminder to really go for it and never settle.

There’s no cadence to how often or even when you should create a vision board. My advice? Do it when you feel most compelled. Whether that’s the start or end of a year, or even your birthday! You won’t regret it.


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