It’s okay to be single

This week on the podcast I sat down with Jessica and we discussed a surprising and somewhat concerning new trend: loyalty tests.

Millennials, remember the joint Facebook accounts we would see our neighbors and former colleagues create (usually when one of them cheated)?

Well this is like that, but on steroids.

Instead of having honest conversations and using common sense, people are testing their significant other’s level of loyalty.

How, you wonder?

Well, it involves asking a stranger on the internet or a friend in your circle to send some flirty messages to your partner.

The goal?

(Besides chaos?)

To see how your love bug responds.

Do they take the bait or do they take the high road and politely decline?

Regardless of the outcome, let’s address the true issue at hand: a lack of trust.

As someone who has been in unhealthy relationships, let me be the first to remind you that the second you have to do mental gymnastics and tests to see if your significant other is loyal to you…that’s the moment you should break up.

Because chances are there’s a reason you’re going through these outlandish measures and babe. Listen. It’s not healthy.

Whether this person cheated on you previously or you saw something suspicious…it does not matter. I’d you cannot have an honest conversation then what’s the point?

If your partner deflects or ignores you when you bring up a concern and it gets to the point where you need to do a loyalty test, just call it a wrap.

You deserve so much better than you’re getting.

Being single takes some getting used to if you’re someone who is not accustomed to being alone.

But take it from me: it feels so good to not wonder if the person I’m with is being loyal to me when I’m not looking.

Not being cheated on is a bare minimum standard in relationships. You should not have to ask for this.

At the end of the day, we are all going through different phases in our personal lives, and the most important thing we need to remember is that we can’t control where life takes us. It is ok to be single, and it’s not even a bad thing. It’s just a stage of life. You don’t need to adhere to societal pressures to have children or a marriage before the time is right. Settle down and progress in life with the right person.

Know your worth and don’t settle for less.

Listen to todays episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts or wherever you get your pod.


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