High School Reflections

Describe something you learned in high school.

Okay, I’ll admit: this probably isn’t the post you expected, or even the one I planned on writing for the week. But the topic was on my blog dashboard, and it hit a nerve while digging up some rad memories.

In high school we try to show the world who we are. We do all the things to convince everyone around us how adult we think we are. Really, we are just trying to make our mark on the world.

When I reflect on those four years, I smile. Sure, I was a little cringe, but who wasn’t.

Social media wasn’t that prevalent back in high school.

I had a Nokia for my first phone, and could only use it on school events and outings. Eventually I had a Blackberry Curve, which I miss dearly.

That keyboard was unstoppable.

I was in just about every activity and social group known to man, and my math skills were atrocious.

Even more atrocious but honorable?

I kept trying to find myself.

I wore bronzer that was too dark and blush that was 80’s highlighter pink. I loved labels and things I would now consider tacky.

Ultimately, through the process of trying to fit in, I learned that it was okay not to fit in.

By fitting in, you’re forcing yourself into a box. Boxes are constricting.

As I prepare to turn 33, I look back and that lesson that I started to learn in high school about embracing my identity is one I have only gotten better at embracing.

There’s something magical about being you.

And I’m not saying high school is perfect or that you’re supposed to be perfect. But I am saying that regardless of age: embrace all the beautiful parts of you. The messy parts. The creative parts. The unique parts.

Know that you don’t have to have it all figured out and it’s okay to be different.


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