From Hinge to Happily Ever After

This week on the pod I was joined by Sam who breaks down how she found love on Hinge, and ultimately, her happily ever after. The best part of this modern-day fairytale? It happened exactly as it should: naturally and when least expected. So what are her tips and how did she do it? Well, [...]

Attack of the Hobosexuals

According to the Toronto Sun, hobosexuals are "serial daters, often bouncing from one live-in relationship to the next." After hearing more of my girlfriends discuss this atrocity plaguing women, I decided to bring in reinforcements. That's why in today's episode of Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses, the President of Bad Bitch University, Adesuwa breaks [...]

Say “No” to Relationship Hoppers

While I won't fully rule out dating someone who is divorced, or recently out of a long-term relationship, I will forever rule out dating a recent divorcée or dumpee. Pretty sure dumpee isn’t a word, but that’s okay. There are no rules here. So why am I adamantly against freshly single partners? Simple: Relationship hopping [...]