Bodycount & First-Date Hookups

This week on the podcast, listeners chose the topics, which led us to discuss body count and first date hookups. So this Sexual health month, join me as we break it down, and discuss if either of these things matters.  Growing up Catholic, I was raised to believe that my body is a temple and [...]

Attack of the Hobosexuals

According to the Toronto Sun, hobosexuals are "serial daters, often bouncing from one live-in relationship to the next." After hearing more of my girlfriends discuss this atrocity plaguing women, I decided to bring in reinforcements. That's why in today's episode of Keeping it Casual with the Girl in Gucci Glasses, the President of Bad Bitch University, Adesuwa breaks [...]

Not a Hell Yes is a Hell No

What we both share is that neither of us was the type that sought out love. We believed in living our best life, chasing our dreams, and being open to something if it happened organically. And that's something that isn't talked about enough these days Too often you have people settling for mediocre and not just in relationships, but jobs, friendships, and experiences. Life is so short, and we need to stop accepting the bare minimum. Perfect (or our definition of it) exists, so quit accepting otherwise.