• The app you need to be on: Poshmark

    The app you need to be on: Poshmark

    Queen of the side hustle, here. You guys know I love sustainability, fashion, and being in my bag as the kids say. So imagine how great it feels to be able to combine all three of those things at once? With Poshmark I’m able to make room in my closet, while earning a little extra… Read more

  • Why Resolutions Suck

    Why Resolutions Suck

    If you’re like me, you’ve done it. You’ve made a New Year’s resolution that you’re going to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol, and basically get your shit together. And then the first month of the year comes around and…nothing. Here’s what happens: you set that goal for yourself, and you get all fired up about… Read more

  • How are YOU doing, really?

    How are YOU doing, really?

    “Our threshold for seeking help needs to be low.” Wow, right? Today on the podcast I was joined by friend and expert, Dr. Sarah Ashitey, a board-certified physician based out of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  Dr. Ashitey wears many hats as a medical professional, and she is passionate about mental health, which is the… Read more

  • Spotify wrapped has arrived

    Spotify wrapped has arrived

    As a child, I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and both of the Stevies – Nicks, and Wonder. My taste was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. And as an adult, it has since evolved. I still love the classics, and of course, my power ballads. But I also enjoy… Read more

  • Timelines, and purpose

    Timelines, and purpose

    As the year draws to a close, it might be easy to think about where you wanted to be. You might not end up where you wanted to be, or even where you thought you were going. Yet if one thing is certain, you will end up where you need to be. Coming from a… Read more

  • Reflections


    As I sit here typing this blog, binging the new season of Mighty Ducks, sipping on a local IPA, and thinking about my life on the eve of my turning 32 I am filled with so many thoughts. The primary one is gratitude. This year has not been without its challenges, but during those challenges,… Read more

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