• Ladies, let’s talk about Gut Health

    Ladies, let’s talk about Gut Health

    Your girl started taking probiotics about 2-3 years ago after a wild case of strep throat and a friend saying, “you better be doubling up on the probiotics!”  I gasped and was like, “Ummm, double up? I don’t even take one probiotic!” And when asked I guess I just never thought about why to take… Read more

  • Wake up with me (and Good Molecules)

    Wake up with me (and Good Molecules)

    By now it’s no surprise that I love a good routine, especially one for the morning time. Before I’ve even had my coffee, I hit the freezer and pull out my face roller, and head to the vanity so I can get to work cleansing, toning, and moisturizing my face. Of course during this time,… Read more

  • Your guide to good sex

    Your guide to good sex

    By now you all know I love good sex. And I like to think I know a thing or two about it. So tonight we are talking about my (and now your) guide to off-the-charts sex. So let’s kick things off with the obvious: good anything is subjective, including sex. But at its core, good… Read more

  • Life under construction

    Life under construction

    Do you ever think about social media and just the general shift in culture over the last few years? This isn’t going to be a post blaming social media for anything. But it’s a post where I want to remind you of something: you’re doing great. Embrace the moment. Don’t feel ashamed of your setbacks… Read more

  • Why you need to have a routine

    Why you need to have a routine

    Today is National Mental Health Day, and as many of you know, this is a subject I am SO incredibly passionate about. Mental Health is often stigmatized, overlooked, and not thought of until a time of crisis. Today I wanted to have a candid conversation about something that has helped me on my path to… Read more

  • A Fall Classic: The Spanx Moto Legging

    A Fall Classic: The Spanx Moto Legging

    Fall is here and that means the temps will (hopefully) continue to drop. You know what this means? Time to break out the leggings. But why settle for basic leggings? Nah, girl. Let’s add some spice to the rotation. In case you missed the memo, there’s one leader when it comes to flawless (and flattering)… Read more

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