Gucci Gang?

So about that little moniker…

I’ve been in glasses most of my life – probably since about the first grade. Unlike most, I never found them dorky, and I thought they were the most fashionable accessory.

I was really into skinny frames until my senior year of high school. And then my philosophy became “go big or go home.”

Large frames became my jam. They were nerdy chic.

I was indifferent about designer eyewear until 5 years ago. I saw a pair of Gucci sunnies at my optician’s office and had to have them.

It was love at first sight. 

Now if only finding the love of my life would be that effortless.

Unlike other brands, Gucci could do it all. Whatever my mood was, I found a pair of frames that vibed and felt like me

What made the experience even more special was the original optician I worked with. She always looked for pieces she felt were a match. 

One day when picking up more frames she said something to the extent of, “you truly are the girl in Gucci glasses.” 

And I loved that.

During my struggles with my vision, it was essential to find comfort in what went from yearly optical visits, to monthly. Gucci gave me that. I was able to feel like me, even when I didn’t feel like me. 

There were moments I was told I might not ever be able to see again, and while that was disheartening, I wanted to find the fun in the chaos. And experimenting with frame styles did that. 

If there is a lesson in this story, it would be to make what feels like your weakness, your strength. 


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