It’s not always roses, but that’s okay

In 2019 I nearly went blind from severe swelling to my optic nerve from my papilledemas. In addition to the paps, I had this rare neurological condition called Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. To this day I still see several neurologists for it to make sure everything is all gravy. The cause is unknown and from what [...]

And just like that — you’re complete

I remember saying when you hit 30, your shit just magically would piece together. And to an extent, it totally does. But what really needs to be addressed about the aging and maturing process, is that sense of self-love, worthiness and wisdom that hits. Almost instantly, in fact. You begin to spend nights inside reading [...]

An Emergency State of the Union

Hi babe, Jasmine here It's time for an emergency bad bitches state of the union. And listen, male or female you are a bad bitch. You're here, aren't you? That is the only qualifier you need. Also, sorry, but there might be a few colorful words sprinkled in the podcast linked here. So there's your [...]

Behind the frames

I remember the day like it was just yesterday. I left lunch with my mom and went to my annual optometrist appointment. Business as usual. Or so I thought. My appointment that usually takes under an hour, took more than two. I thought the hardest part of my day would be which frames I wanted. [...]