Let’s talk about my first time

I was 30, quickly approaching 31. I had never done this before. Many had tried to get me to do it, but it just never felt right.

And finally, I kicked off Fall, by Falling for the Force.

That’s right – we are talking about #StarWars.

So grab your lightsabers and get ready because today on the podcast, you get to hear what this rookie’s thoughts were on the first three films. 

Tune in here.

So what was my motivation for finally sitting down to watch these classics?

Simple: I kept hearing the pop culture references and didn’t understand them. And the community behind Star Wars intrigued me. I wanted to experience the magic they felt.

And that I did.

With each rewatch of each film, I felt like I learned something new. And I loved that while some things were clear as day, there were a lot of opened ended interpretations that I, the viewer could make. 

Initially, I didn’t vibe with the idea of watching Star Wars, because the very first time the franchise was introduced to me, it was wild: This seemingly cool guy invited me over to his place, and soon as he put the movie on, he tried to “Netflix and chill,” before that was a thing. The intro credits didn’t even finish. I was like wait, so we aren’t watching the movie? 

Ah, I was a young, naive college girl. 

I left, for those wondering.

Nevertheless, the day finally came and I wanted to give this another shot. This time, by myself. I spent several weekends watching, and feeling mesemerized and truthfully blown away.

Sure, the road was bumpy and long, but I made my way here and must say, the films did not disappoint. I still need to watch the supplementals, but now I am working through those and the shows.

The characters were well cast and thought out. And while choosing a favorite is no easy feat, I found myself in love with Darth Vader.

Darth was a tragic hero who turned evil for good reaosns. that could be any of us.

You can’t help but empathize. 

Sure, he cut his son’s hand off, but there’s some good still in him.

Be sure to subscribe to the pod for future episodes where I break down my expereince watching the films. 

What about you? Are you a fan?

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