Taste of Tacoma

I recently ventured into Tacoma where I was meeting up with friends of a friend for a birthday party. In addition to making new friends, I had some of the most delicious food of my life at a charming spot: Bar Bistro.

Bar Bistro serves New American Cuisine with a seamless fusion of northwest faves with what they refer to as multi-cultural culinary methods.

I ordered the mussels for my appetizer, and had I known how delicious they would have been, I just might have ordered these for dinner too. Served in a creamy, rich white wine cream sauce, I was disappointed when I finished my order. The side of chipotle crostini was pretty spectacular too.

While I waited for dinner, I ordered some craft cocktails which were not only vibey but delish. These drinks served as a beautiful compliment to my dining experience throughout the evening.

Dinner soon came, and unsurprisingly, it was the best halibut. The halibut was beautifully prepared with chive risotto and roasted asparagus. each bite was flavorful and tender.

As I have said before, I’m not a food critic, but I do know good food.

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