Hello, Seattle

Have you ever been to a place that just felt like home, every single time you went?

For me Seattle is that place.

Manhattan was number one, until this year when I experienced my first bomb cyclone. That was one of the moments where I will proudly admit defeat and say that my mom was right — east coast winters are unmatched.

For as many times as I’ve been to the rainy city, it’s crazy that I’ve never managed to put a guide together!

Whether you’re a Seattle native or first timer, you’re sure to enjoy something from this list.



Featuring classic handmade Italian dishes from Chef Stuart Lane, this is one of my favorite places to sit down for a nice bowl of pasta. I recommend the Tajarin with a glass of red. The ambiance of Spinasse is unmatched, and the customer service is wonderful.

Bar Bistro
Technically this is located in Tacoma, but listen, when the food is good — you’ll drive anywhere. Bar Bistro serves New American Cuisine with a seamless fusion of northwest faves with what they refer to as multi-cultural culinary methods.

Read more about my dining experience

Kizuki Ramen
I want to think this is one of the cities best kept secrets, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows about it. And as they should…! Kizuki has the best assortment of ramen, and everytime I visit, each visit is better than the last.

I love the Spicy Miso or the Chicken Shoyu. The egg just might be my fave part.


Pike Place Market
At Pike Place you will indulge in a sensory overload. From the fish toss, to the flower bouquets, to the first Starbucks — everyone should stop by here at least once. It’s a tourist trap, but a good one. I love the ginger beer spot here!

The Seattle Art Museum is great because it’s just the perfect size to truly walk though each section and take everything in. You can see the entire exhibit in around two hours. Something I loved is the blend of classic pieces from fam favorites like O’Keefe to new and upcoming artists.

Pioneer Square
Featuring Seattle’s original skyscraper, this observatory has some of the best views from the 35th floor. While here for the afternoon, be sure to take advantage of the literal row of art galleries. And if you’re seeking a hip cocktail, look no further.

Chihuly Garden and Glass
No words will perfectly capture why it is that you need to see the vast collection of Dale Chihuly’s work. Keep an eye out for yoga classes here, it will be complete vibes.

Honorable mentions of things that everyone else thinks are cool, that I find overrated:

  • The first Starbucks
  • The bubble gum wall
  • Space needle

The Seattle freeze is real, but my experience with the city has been great, so don’t let that stop you from getting out there and mingling. This is a city for the creatives, the wanderers and the people looking for more.

And while I hope you loved my guide, I have to say: the best things to do in the greater SeaTac area are simple: hike a trail, hit the library or one of the many local book stores, or go to a show. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the true beauty and this city.

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