Enjoy the ride

If there’s one rule to follow in this life it’s this: Do not allow yourself to get stuck.

Getting stuck, and falling stagnant are one in the same.

Pick up a new hobby like painting. Or move to a new city — it doesn’t even have to be big…just new to you.

Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. And go alone. You really learn so much about yourself when you experience something all on your own. And you meet so many new friends, lovers, and souls along the way.

This year I’ve been revisiting some of my faves: Seattle, Portland, and Manhattan. I went alone, but met up with friends. And just as much as I met up with friends, I also had time alone.

Time to breathe.

Time to explore.

I went to museums like The Whitney on my own, while in New York. Had lunch at bistros by the water in Seattle, and nestled myself in the corners of bookstores in Portland.

Take risks.

You’ll fail — sorry, but it’s true.

But what’s life without a little serving of humble pie?

Don’t get stuck living in the past, but don’t rush yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned.

Enjoy the now, because it’s all you really have.

Find splice in the people you surround yourself with, but don’t forget your most important relationship: the one with yourself.

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