E is for Exhaustion

I have a penchant for pushing myself. I am an overachiever by birth, and an ass-kicker by choice. So you can bet your bottom dollar that even if I fall ill or have 101 other things to do, I will chop away at my priority list and get through everything with style, grace, and a [...]

Anxiety, You Ass

Managing anxiety isn't easy. If it were, we'd all feel 100% comfortable in our own skin on the regular. Anxiety is an emotional response that's due to external and internal stresses.  The end result? Total discomfort. Anxiety can affect us physically, mentally, and cognitively. The good news is there are many things you can do [...]

The Self-Care Edit

So you’re needing a little extra love right about now, huh? I totally get it. Whether you’re back in quarantine, or just stressed from the perils of adulting — I’ve got you. That’s why I’ve created this edit of self-care essentials. UMA Pure Calm Candle I originally received UMA’s Pure Calm Candle for my birthday [...]