Who doesn’t love a SALE

Going green is such a popular marketing slogan, but what does it mean? And how can we be more sustainable? For me becoming more sustainable was, and continues to be a daily journey. But some of the easiest ways I partake include: Eating less meat and dairy (y’all know how I feel about my oat [...]

Summer of Splurging: Why the Chloe Woody Sandals are a MUST

A perfect pair of shoes is not just something to walk around in. It's an extension of your style, a way to make a statement, and an accessory that can instantly pull an outfit together. This summer there's no better choice than the Chloe Woody Sandal. The Chloe Woody Sandal is a style must-have and is [...]

Tailor my heart

Part of growing older, maybe not always wiser, means finding a reputable tailor. I know what you’re thinking: but I don’t wear anything that needs to be tailored. So you think! As someone with a closet as eclectic as I am, I can tell you that I’ve tailored everything from my whimsical bohemian dresses, to [...]